Simonides Lyricus

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The Cambridge Faculty of Classics are happy to announce the conference Simonides Lyricus, which will be held with the generous support of the British Academy from Thursday 8th September to Saturday, 10th September 2011 at the Classics Faculty (Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge). The conference will bring together ten of the foremost scholars of Simonides and early Greek lyric, to discuss questions of the poet's life and oeuvre, his place in the culture of his times, his relationship to his poetic predecessors and his genres, and especially the problems of editing and attributing fragmentary lyric poetry. Papers will be forty minutes long, with time for discussion after. The conference will begin on Thursday afternoon, and continue until a little after noon on Saturday.

Thursday, 8th September, 1 o'clock
Arrival, registration, opening address.
Andrew Ford (Princeton): 'Sophos kai Theios: Simonides' Poetic Wisdom'
David Sider (New York University), 'Simonides Lyricus, Epigrammaticus, Elegiacus'
Orlando Poltera (Fribourg University): 'Simonides: a kind of Janus? Biographical tradition and Poetical Reality'
A welcome reception will be held in the Cast Gallery (the Faculty of Classics) in the evening from 6:30

Friday, 9th September, 9 o'clock
Richard Rawles (Nottingham University): 'Thus Homer and Stesichorus Sang to the Peoples: Simonides and his Sources'
Ian Rutherford (Reading): 'Simonides' kateuchai'
Giambattista D'Alessio (KCL): 'Dancing with the Dogs: Mimesis and the Hyporcheme in Pind. fr. *107 a-b S-M = Simonides fr. 205 Poltera'.
Kathryn Morgan (UCLA): 'Princes and Generals: Simonides and the Diplomacy of Victory'.
Richard Hunter (Cambridge): 'Clever About Verses? Plato and the Scopas Ode (542 PMG = 260 Poltera)'.
A conference dinner will be held in the evening.

Saturday, 10th September, 9 o'clock
Ettore Cingano (Ca' Foscari University, Venice) and Dirk Obbink (Oxford), 'New Fragments of Simonides from Oxyrhynchus'
Giuseppe Ucciardello (University of Messina): 'More Simonides Among the Fragmenta Adespota? The Case of P. Strasbourg inv. gr. 1406-1409 and fr. 1005 PMG'
Summing-up and closing discussion.

The conference is open to anyone who is interested in attending (those from outside Cambridge will be asked to pay a participation fee). The conference dinner is also open to anyone who would like to attend.Those interested in attending the conference and the dinner should write to the organisers, Lucia Prauscello ( or Peter Agocs (, by August 15th, so that we can get an idea of numbers.