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=== [[Bibliography]] ===
=== [[Bibliography]] ===
=== [[Forthcoming Publications]] ===
=== [[Forthcoming Publications]] ===
* Bierl, Anton (2001) ''Der Chor in der Alten Komödie. Ritual und Performativität'' (unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Aristophanes' ''Thesmophoriazusen'' und der Phalloslieder fr. 851 PMG). München and Leipzig. (BzA 126). It is currently translated by Alex Hollmann into English. It will be published under the title ''Ritual and Performativity'' by Harvard Press in 2007. With many interpretations of comic, tragic and satyric songs, with a general introduction of more than 90 pages to the Chorus and song culture in general; it includes an interpretation of Alcman and an intense analysis of popular Phallus-Songs in ch. 2.
* Boedeker, Deborah (forthcoming: 2008) 'Sappho Old and New' in ''Archaic Lesbos: Sappho, Alcaeus, Pittacus'', ed. Apostolos Pierris. London: [...].
* Boedeker, Deborah (forthcoming: 2008) 'No Way Out? Aging in the New (and Old) Sappho' in a special volume of ''Arethusa'', eds. Ellen Greene and Marilyn Skinner: [...].
* Calame, Claude (1998) 'La poésie lyrique grecque, un genre inexistant?' ''Littérature'' 11: 87-110. English translation in preparation for I. Rutherford (ed.) ''Oxford Readings in Greek Lyric''. Oxford.
* Calame, Claude (2000) ''Poétique des mythes en Grèce antique''. Paris. An English translation is forthcoming at Cambridge University Press.
* Calame, Claude (2006) ''Pratiques poétiques de la mémoire. Représentations de l’espace-temps en Grèce ancienne''. Paris. English translation is forthcoming at Harvard University Press.
* Lardinois, A.P.M.H. (forthcoming: 2007) 'Seks à la Sappho', ''Lampas'' 40: 273-80.
* Lardinois, A.P.M.H. (forthcoming: 2008) ' ‘Someone, I say, will remember us’: Oral Memory in Sappho’s Poetry' in ''Orality, Literacy, Memory'', ed. A. MacKay Leiden: [...].
* Lardinois, A.P.M.H. (forthcoming: 2008) 'The New Sappho Poem (P. Koln 21351 and 21376): Key to the Old Fragments', ''Arethusa'' 41: [...].
* Martin, Richard (2007: in press) 'Stesichorus and the Voice of Jocasta' in ''Proceedings of Delphi International Conference on European Drama''.
* Martin, Richard (forthcoming) 'Read on Arrival' in ''Poeti Vaganti: Travelling Poets in Ancient Greece'', eds. R. Hunter and I. Rutherford. Cambridge.
* Martin, Richard (forthcoming) 'Gnomes in Poems' in ''Festschrift for John Papademetriou''.
=== [[Dissertations-in-progress]] ===
=== [[Dissertations-in-progress]] ===

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Forthcoming Publications


Luppi, Valentina Universität Basel Myth and Ritual in Euripides. Helena and Ion (with many analyses of songs) Anton Bierl 2009
Trieschnigg, Caroline Radboud University Nijmegen Tragic Choruses of Parthenoi (with special emphasis on Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes) André Lardinois 2008