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Nijmegen, January 2009

We are happy to send you the first newsletter of the burgeoning network for the study of archaic and classical Greek song. It contains information on the recently held meeting in Oxford, announcements about future meetings and a report of the network website.

Ewen Bowie, André Lardinois and Caroline Trieschnigg

Core group meeting in Oxford, June 20-21, 2008

The network organises, in alternate years, small core-group meetings and larger conferences. The first official core group meeting of the network was organized by Ewen Bowie and took place in Oxford in June, 2008. A core-group meeting typically consists of a small conference, open to local classsicists, and a business meeting of the core-group members. Below follows the programme of the conference and a report of the business meeting.

Programme Papers

Theme: Time and space in early Greek elegiac, iambic and lyric poetry

Friday 20 June Rainolds Room, Corpus Christi College

  • Bruno Currie ‘Time and Space in Bacchylides 11’
  • Lucia Athanassaki ‘Tragic ways of looking at archaising sculptures: Bacchylides 18 and the Athenian Treasury’
  • Greg Nagy ‘A second look at the poetics of re-enactment’ in Bacchylides 13’
  • Richard Martin ‘Then and there: micropoetics of a Pindaric topos’
  • Willy Cingano ‘The construction of civic and mythical space in Pindar's Pythians 4 and 5’
  • Egbert Bakker ‘Theognis sophizomenos’
  • Ewen Bowie ‘The birth of the Theognidea, time and place?’

Saturday 21 June Rainolds Room, Corpus Christi College

  • André Lardinois ‘New Philology and the Classics: accounting for variations in the textual transmission of Greek lyric poetry’
  • Anton Bierl ‘New Thoughts on the New Sappho'
  • Claude Calame ‘Poetics of memory: time and space in Sappho’s poetry’
  • Dirk Obbink ‘Range of Place in the New Archilochus Elegy (P.Oxy. 4708)’
  • Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi ‘Here as there: the phantasmagoria of dance’
  • Ian Rutherford ‘The Songs of the Zintuhis: Choral Performance and Space-Time from Bronze Age Anatolia to Iron Age Greece’

Report of the business meeting in Oxford

A business meeting of the core members took place at the end of the Oxford meeting, and among other things the format of the Oxford conference, future meetings and the topic of membership were discussed. All core members were present, except for Leslie Kurke and Jenny Clay, who were unable to attend. Members were very pleased with the way the small conference in Oxford was organized. It was noted that the number of “local” outsiders attending this meeting was exceptionally high (over 40), but that this probably had to do with the unusually large number of classicists in Oxford. This is not expected to occur at other core group meetings, and it is extremely valuable that these should remain open to local members of the network.

The issue of membership was discussed at length. Some participants proposed new members, others an intermediate category between core and regular members, but it was decided to leave things for now as they are. Anyone working on or interested in archaic Greek ‘lyric’ poetry, including graduate students, can become a regular member of the network. The (sixteen) core members are responsible for organizing conferences and helping André Lardinois and Ewen Bowie to run the network. At the smaller meetings, the core-group members typically will speak and local classicists are invited to attend the talks. At the larger conferences, most of the speakers should come from outside the core group and core-group members will act as chairs of panels, respondents, etc.

There is funding for the network from NWO (Dutch NEH/AHRC) till 2010. At the business meeting core members were asked to think about which meetings or conferences they could organize and when. In the meantime Leslie Kurke has volunteered to organize a large conference in Berkeley in 2011. At the next business meeting, a topic for this conference will be set and the organisation of future conferences and meetings, after 2011, will be planned.

Conference in Delphi, July 2009

The core members meet as a group every year. Every other year their meeting coincides with a larger conference organized by one or two of the core members, where other scholars from different disciplines, who work on archaic and classical Greek poetry, are invited to attend and contribute papers. The first (official) large conference of the Network will be organized by Richard Martin and Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi of Stanford University and is going to be held at the European Cultural Centre in Delphi from July, 17-19, 2009. The topic of this conference is ‘The Look of Lyric: Greek Song and the Visual’. A call for papers was issued to all members of the network in September, but can still be accessed through the website of the network under ‘events’. The deadline by which abstracts of ca. 250 words must be received is February 15, 2009.

Core-group meeting in Nijmegen, June 2010

The next core-group meeting of the network will take place in Nijmegen (the Netherlands) in June, 25-27, 2010 and will be organized by André Lardinois. The topic of this small conference will be the transmisssion and reperformance of archaic and classical Greek song. All local members of the network (from the Netherlands) are welcome to attend the talks. A detailed programme will follow in due time.

Website report

From Caroline Trieschnigg, Ph.D. student in Nijmegen and webmaster of the network: The network website ( was launched in the Fall of 2007. By December 2008, it had already registered more than 170 members. Members come from various countries: United Kingdom, United States, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka.

Many of these members have sent their publications to the webmaster: the website contains at the moment over 60 pages of bibliography and 9 pages of forthcoming publications. 23 dissertations-in-progress are listed on the site. It is important that this bibliography remains up to date: all members are therefore asked to send the webmaster ( their new publications regularly and also to let her know when articles proceed from being ‘forthcoming’ to being published. Information on upcoming events of interest to members and links to other webpages are also welcome.