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Statement of Purpose


Agocs, Peter University College London uclcpaa@ucl.ac.uk
Athanassaki, Lucia Univ. of Crete, Rethymno athanassaki@phl.uoc.gr C
Bakker, Egbert Yale University egbert.bakker@yale.edu C
Bierl, Anton Universität Basel a.bierl@unibas.ch C
Boedeker, Deborah Brown University Deborah_Boedeker@brown.edu C
Bowie, Ewen Corpus Christi College, Oxford ewen.bowie@ccc.ox.ac.uk CH
Calame, Claude L’École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris claude.calame@unil.ch C
Carey, Chris University College London c.carey@ucl.ac.uk
Cingano, Ettore Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice willyboy@unive.it C
Clay, Jenny Strauss University of Virginia jsc2t@virginia.edu C
Currie, Bruno Oriel College, Oxford bruno.currie@oriel.ox.ac.uk C
D’Alessio, G.B. University of Messina dalessio@unime.it
Fearn, David Corpus Christi College Oxford david.fearn@classics.ox.ac.uk
Hadjimichael, Theodora University College London t.hadjimichael@ucl.ac.uk
Hubbard, Thomas K. University of Texas tkh@mail.utexas.edu
Ikonomaki, Niki University of Crete ikonomaki@students.phl.uoc.gr
Karachalios, Foivos Stanford University foivosk@stanford.edu
Katsimba, Katerina University of Athens catkatsimba@mycosmos.gr
Kavoulaki, Athina kavoulaki@phl.uoc.gr
Kowalzig, Barbara Royal Holloway, University of London B.Kowalzig@rhul.ac.uk; barbara.kowalzig@rhul.ac.uk
Kurke, Leslie UC Berkeley kurke@berkeley.edu C
Ladianou, Katerina Ohio State University ladianou.1@osu.edu; kladianou@gmail.com
Lamari, Anna University of Thessaloniki anna_lamari@hotmail.com
Lardinois, André Radboud University Nijmegen a.lardinois@let.ru.nl CH
Martin, Richard Stanford University rpmartin@stanford.edu C
Nagy, Gregory Harvard University gnagy@fas.harvard.edu C
Obbink, Dirk Christ Church, Oxford dirk.obbink@chch.ox.ac.uk C
Onayemi, Folake University of Ibadan, Nigeria folake.onayemi@mail.ui.edu.ng; fonayemi02@yahoo.com
Papadogiannaki, Eleni University of Crete papad@students.phl.uoc.gr
Peponi, Natasha Stanford University peponi@stanford.edu C
Perissinaki, Evgenia University of Crete gpet@her.forthnet.gr
Perodaskalakis, Dimitris University of Crete dperod@ly.gr/dpenod@ly.gr
Petropoulos, John University of Thrace yiannis@chs.harvard.edu
Power, Timothy University of Washington, Seattle tcpower@u.washington.edu
Rawles, Richard University of St Andrews rr31@st-andrews.ac.uk
Richardson, Nicholas Greyfriars Hall, Oxford University nicholas.richardson@greyfriars.ox.ac.uk
Rozokou, Marilena University of Athens marilenaroz@hotmail.com
Rutherford, Ian University of Reading i.c.rutherford@reading.ac.uk C
Sermamoglou-Soulmaidi, Georgia University of Virginia gs2g@virginia.edu
Spatharas, Dimos University of Crete spatharas@mail.phl.uoc.gr; spatharas@phl.uoc.gr
Swift, Laura Trinity College, University of Oxford laura.swift@classics.ox.ac.uk
Trieschnigg, Caroline Radboud University Nijmegen c.trieschnigg@let.ru.nl
Tsatsami, Georgia University of Crete gtsatsami@yahoo.gr
Tzifopoulos, Yannis University of Crete yannis.tzif@gmail.com
Yatromanolakis, Dimitris Johns Hopkins University yatroman@jhu.edu
Yosi, Mary J. University of Athens maryosi@phil.uoa.gr
Zimmermann, Bernhard Universität Freiburg bernhard.zimmermann@altphil.uni-freiburg.de



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