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|Kavoulaki, Athina
|Kavoulaki, Athina
|University of Crete

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Welcome to the website of the Network for the Study of Archaic Greek Song. The website has just started and is under construction.

Statement of Purpose


Agocs, Peter University College London uclcpaa@ucl.ac.uk
Athanassaki, Lucia Univ. of Crete, Rethymno athanassaki@phl.uoc.gr C
Bakker, Egbert Yale University egbert.bakker@yale.edu C
Bierl, Anton Universität Basel a.bierl@unibas.ch C
Boedeker, Deborah Brown University Deborah_Boedeker@brown.edu C
Bowie, Ewen Corpus Christi College, Oxford ewen.bowie@ccc.ox.ac.uk CH
Calame, Claude L’École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris claude.calame@unil.ch C
Carey, Chris University College London c.carey@ucl.ac.uk
Cingano, Ettore Università Ca’ Foscari, Venice willyboy@unive.it C
Clay, Jenny Strauss University of Virginia jsc2t@virginia.edu C
Currie, Bruno Oriel College, Oxford bruno.currie@oriel.ox.ac.uk C
D’Alessio, G.B. University of Messina dalessio@unime.it
Fearn, David Corpus Christi College Oxford david.fearn@classics.ox.ac.uk
Hadjimichael, Theodora University College London t.hadjimichael@ucl.ac.uk
Hubbard, Thomas K. University of Texas tkh@mail.utexas.edu
Ikonomaki, Niki University of Crete ikonomaki@students.phl.uoc.gr
Karachalios, Foivos Stanford University foivosk@stanford.edu
Katsimba, Katerina University of Athens catkatsimba@mycosmos.gr
Kavoulaki, Athina University of Crete kavoulaki@phl.uoc.gr
Kowalzig, Barbara Royal Holloway, University of London B.Kowalzig@rhul.ac.uk; barbara.kowalzig@rhul.ac.uk
Kurke, Leslie UC Berkeley kurke@berkeley.edu C
Ladianou, Katerina Ohio State University ladianou.1@osu.edu; kladianou@gmail.com
Lamari, Anna University of Thessaloniki anna_lamari@hotmail.com
Lardinois, André Radboud University Nijmegen a.lardinois@let.ru.nl CH
Martin, Richard Stanford University rpmartin@stanford.edu C
Nagy, Gregory Harvard University gnagy@fas.harvard.edu C
Obbink, Dirk Christ Church, Oxford dirk.obbink@chch.ox.ac.uk C
Onayemi, Folake University of Ibadan, Nigeria folake.onayemi@mail.ui.edu.ng; fonayemi02@yahoo.com
Papadogiannaki, Eleni University of Crete papad@students.phl.uoc.gr
Peponi, Natasha Stanford University peponi@stanford.edu C
Perissinaki, Evgenia University of Crete gpet@her.forthnet.gr
Perodaskalakis, Dimitris University of Crete dperod@ly.gr/dpenod@ly.gr
Petropoulos, John University of Thrace yiannis@chs.harvard.edu
Power, Timothy University of Washington, Seattle tcpower@u.washington.edu
Rawles, Richard University of St Andrews rr31@st-andrews.ac.uk
Richardson, Nicholas Greyfriars Hall, Oxford University nicholas.richardson@greyfriars.ox.ac.uk
Rozokou, Marilena University of Athens marilenaroz@hotmail.com
Rutherford, Ian University of Reading i.c.rutherford@reading.ac.uk C
Sermamoglou-Soulmaidi, Georgia University of Virginia gs2g@virginia.edu
Spatharas, Dimos University of Crete spatharas@mail.phl.uoc.gr; spatharas@phl.uoc.gr
Swift, Laura Trinity College, University of Oxford laura.swift@classics.ox.ac.uk
Trieschnigg, Caroline Radboud University Nijmegen c.trieschnigg@let.ru.nl
Tsatsami, Georgia University of Crete gtsatsami@yahoo.gr
Tzifopoulos, Yannis University of Crete yannis.tzif@gmail.com
Yatromanolakis, Dimitris Johns Hopkins University yatroman@jhu.edu
Yosi, Mary J. University of Athens maryosi@phil.uoa.gr
Zimmermann, Bernhard Universität Freiburg bernhard.zimmermann@altphil.uni-freiburg.de



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