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  • Bernsdorff, Hans (forthcoming) Anacreon of Teos, Testimonia and Fragments. Edited and translated with introduction and commentary. Oxford University Press.
  • Boedeker, Deborah (forthcoming) 'Sappho Old and New' in Archaic Lesbos: Sappho, Alcaeus, Pittacus, ed. Apostolos Pierris. London: [...].
  • Budelmann, F. and T. Power, ‘The inbetweenness of sympotic elegy’, forthcoming in JHS 133 (2013) [no page numbers yet].
  • Budelmann, F., ‘Alcman’s nightscapes (frs. 89 and 90 PMGF)’, forthcoming in HSCP 107 (2012) [despite the official publication year, no page numbers yet].
  • Caciagli, Stefano (forthcoming) L’usage du mythe chez les poètes éoliens', forthcoming.
  • Calame, Claude (1998) 'La poésie lyrique grecque, un genre inexistant?' Littérature 11: 87-110. English translation in preparation for I. Rutherford (ed.) Oxford Readings in Greek Lyric. Oxford. (May 2014)
  • Franklin, J.C. (forthcoming) The Middle Muse: Mesopotamian Echoes in Early Greek Music (under contract, Oxford).
  • Franklin, J.C. (forthcoming) Kinyras: The Divine Lyre (under contract, Oxford).
  • Franklin, J.C. (forthcoming) The Stormy Seas of Cyprus: Eastern-Wandering Poetry Between Greece and Cyprus
  • González de Tobia, Ana M. (forthcoming) 'La palabra fundante. Simónides y el epitafio'. Paper presented at the X° Encuentro Internacional de Estudios Clásicos “la palabra fundante” , 4-8 September 2006. Egean University, Izmir, Turquía.
  • González de Tobia, Ana M. (forthcoming) 'Solón y sus intérpretes. Poesía, Historia y Mitología en el debate sobre las contingencias del poder'. Paper presented at the VII Congresso da SBEC, (UNESPI) 2-7 September 2007, Araracuara, Brasil.
  • González de Tobia, Ana M. (forthcoming) 'Las configuraciones de Solón. Su poesía entre la reconstrucción de una personalidad histórica y la comprensión de una posción intelectual'. Paper presented at the XII Congreso Español de Estudios Clásicos, 22-27 October 2007, Valencia, Spain.
  • Hadjimichael, Theodora, 'Sports-writing: Bacchylides’ Athletic Descriptions', forthcoming in Mnemosyne.
  • Kowalzig, B. & Wilson, P. (eds.) (forthcoming June 2013) Dithyramb in Context. Oxford. Contributions:
    • Fearn, D.W. 'Athens and the Empire'
    • Ieranò, G. "One for whom the Tribes dispute": the Dithyrambic Poet and the City of Athens"
    • Franklin, J.C. 'Song-Benders of Circular Choruses': Dithyramb and the ‘Demise of Music’
  • Laemmle, Rebecca (forthcoming July 2012) 'Poetik des Satyrspiels' (with a summary in English), de Gruyter.
  • G. Nagy and M. Noussia-Fantuzzi eds. (2014). Solon in the Making: The

Early Reception in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries. De Gruyter.

  • Noussia-Fantuzzi, M. (forthcoming 2013). 'A Scenario for the Portrayal of the monster Geryon in Stesichorus’ Geryoneis'. Trends in Classics 5.2.
  • Quattrocelli, L. (work-in-progress) ‘« οὐδ’ εἴ μοι δέκα μὲν γλῶσσαι, δέκα δὲ στόματ’ εἶεν » (Hom., Il. 2, 489). L’expression des modulations de la voix dans la pratique poétique et rhétorique’.
  • Rawles, Richard (forthcoming) Simonides and Simonidea: a study in poetic tradition. (monograph)
  • Roilos, P. and D. Yatromanolakis (forthcoming) Interdiscursivity and Ritual. Saur Verlag.
  • Rutherford, I. (forthcoming) (ed.) Readings in Pindar. (Oxford Readings in Classical Studies.) Oxford.
  • Skempios, Marios. (forthcoming) 'Pindar's Celedones' in CQ
  • Ulieriu-Rostás, Theodor E. (in preparation for 2014) 'Rethinking the opposites: satyrs, kitharai, and procession in Attic vase-painting' in Music in Art XXXVIII
  • Ulieriu-Rostás, Theodor E. (in preparation for 2013) 'L`aulos de Marsyas à Sicyone. Note spéculative sur la généalogie intellectuelle d`une relique mythologique' in Gaia 16
  • Wecowski, Marek (forthcoming paper) 'Wine and the Tyrant: The Wedding of Agariste and the Ideal of Sympotic Equality'.
  • Wecowski, Marek (paper in progress) '“Cyrnus, this City is Pregnant…” Theognis 39-52, Solon, Hesiod, and the Sympotic Tradition of Political Wisdom'.
  • Wiater, N. (forthcoming) Representations of Violence in Early Greek Poetry.
  • Yossi, Mary J. (forthcoming) 'Laughter in Archaic Greek Lyric Poetry: An anthology of archaic Greek lyric fragments with introduction, modern greek translation and commentary', in Laughter in Antiquity: From Homer to Lucian, eds. M. Yossi and A. Melista, St. Chronopoulos. Athens: Smili Editions. [an En Kyklo publication]
  • Yossi, M. J., D. Spatharas, A. Tatsi, Ph. Karachalios (eds.) (forthcoming) Bacchylides. Three Odes, intro. transl. commentary (Odes 3, 5 and 6). Athens: Smili Editions. [an En Kyklo publication]
  • Yossi, Mary J. (in progress) 'Engomion melos skoteinos psogos: Lyric rhetorics', contribution to a Seminar on ENGOMION organized by the Non-profit Society for the Promotion of Education and Culture EN KYKLO (Dec. 2007- March 2008), Athens (leading to a volume on ENGOMION).