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|CUNY, New York  
|CUNY, New York  
|Greek lyric and Helen  
|Greek lyric and Helen  
|Lawrence Kowerski

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Aftosmis, Jason Stanford University Paradigm and Discourse in Archaic Greek Poetry Richard Martin
Alexandrou, Margarita University College London Commentary on Hipponax Chris Carey 2012
Andujar, Rosa M. Princeton University The Chorus in Dialogue: Reading Lyric Exchanges in Greek Tragedy Andrew Ford and Froma Zeitlin 2011
Année, Magali Université Paris IV-Sorbonne and EHESS La langue de Tyrtée: analyse sémantique et formulaire de l'élégie guerrière archaïque en vue d'une édition de texte Claude Calame 2011
Araujo, Alisson Alexandre de University of São Paulo, Brazil Pindar's Prosodia, Parthenia,Enkomia and Hyporchemata. Christian Werner 2013
Boterf, Nicholas Stanford University The Rhetoric of Locality: Panhellenism and Persona in Archaic Greek Lyric Poetry Richard Martin and Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi 2012/13
Boychenko, Leanna Yale University Callimachus’ Book of Hymns: Poet, Narrator, Voice Egbert Bakker
Braff, Johanna CUNY, New York Greek lyric and Helen Lawrence Kowerski
Callahan, Patrick R. Fordham University Prolegomena ad Scholia Vetera Pindarica Andrew Foster April 2012
Clear, Robert University Utrecht Pindar and the Polis Josine Blok and André Lardinois 2011
Coward, Thomas King's College London 'Primus Inter Pares: Pindar and the Greek Lyric Tradition' Giambattista D'Alessio and Michael Silk 2014/2015
Duncan, Alexander Stanford University Tragic Ugliness: An Investigation in Genre and Aesthetics Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi and Richard Martin 2012
Sean Harrigan Yale University Pindar and the Poetics of Reperformance Egbert Bakker 2012
Jacobson, David U.C. Berkeley Deixis in Aristophanes
Jones, Elizabeth Stanford University Lyric Physicality: Representations of Bodies and Objects in Archaic Greek Lyric Poetry Anastasia-Erasmia Peponi 2012
Keer, Ellen van Free University Brussels, Belgium Μούσαι φιλαύλοι. A comprehensive and integrated inquiry into the role of the aulos in ancient Greek myth 2011/12
Kokkiou, Chara University of Crete The melos in Plato Lucia Athanassaki 2013/4
Kousoulini, Vasiliki N&K University of Athens Alcman: criticism & reception in Antiquity
Martin Arroyo, Angel University of Barcelona Late archaic and classical Greek elegy Jaume Pòrtulas
Miller, Peter University of Western Ontario Genre, Representation and Memorial in Greek Athletic Verse (Pindar) Christopher Brown
Mussarra, Joan Josep Universitat de Barcelona Tragedy from Euripides to Seneca Xavier Riu and Bernhard Zimmermann 2010
Morse, Lindsay University of Washington The Dream of a Shadow: Depictions of the Underworld and Afterlife in Heroic Greek Poetry Ruby Blondell
Mottram, Philip Liverpool University The development of the iambic genre from Archilochus to Horace
Panagiotopoulou, Maria National and Kapodistrian Univerity of Athens “The Hyporchema in Archaic Lyric Poetry and in Ancient Drama” Mary J. Yossi 2014.
Prodi, Enrico Merton College, Oxford Pindar's Prosodia: Introduction, Text and Commentary
Rutten, Eveline Radboud University Nijmegen Accounting for variations in the transmission of Alcman and Tyrtaeus André Lardinois 2016
Ulieriu-Rostás, Theodor Emil EHESS and University of Bucharest Du cri de la Gorgone aux disciples de Marsyas. Les mythes de l`aulos en Grèce ancienne Claude Calame and Zoe Petre 2013
Wasdin, Katherine Yale University The Reluctant Bride: Greek and Roman Wedding Poems Kirk Freudenburg and Corinne Pache
Weiss, Naomi University of California, Berkeley Imagined Performances on the Athenian Stage: The Musical Choruses of Euripides Mark Griffith and Leslie Kurke

Completed Dissertations

Badnall, Toni University of Nottingham The Epithalamium in Greek Literature and Culture Judith Mossman 2008
Cazzato, Vanessa Somerville College, Oxford Deixis and Imagery in Early Greek Poetry Gregory Hutchinson 2009
Cox, Atticus University of Sydney Defining διθύραμβος Eric Csapo and Peter Wilson 2008
Hadjimichael, Theodora A. University College London Bacchylides and the Emergence of the Lyric Canon Chris Carey 2010
Heirman, Jo University of Amsterdam Space in Archaic Lyric Irene de Jong 2012
Ladianou, Katerina Ohio State University Female voice in Archaic Greek poetry William Batstone and Victoria Wohl 2008
Lech, Marcel Lysgaard University of Copenhagen The Chorus of Aristophanes Jørgen Mejer 2010
LeVen, Pauline Princeton University The Many-Headed Muse: Tradition and Innovation in Fourth-Century BC Greek Lyric Poetry Andrew Ford May 2008
Luppi, Valentina Universität Basel Myth and Ritual in Euripides. Helena and Ion (with many analyses of songs) Anton Bierl 2009
Nunns, Liesl Merton College, Oxford Imagery of the Physical World in Alcaeus Bruno Currie 2009
Regenauer, Janna Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main, Germany a commentary on the hymns and songs of Mesomedes of Crete Prof. Dr. Hans Bernsdorff
Tantalos, Nikos University of Athens A Critical Commentary on the extant fragments of Stesichorus Mary J. Yossi
Tatsi, Anna University of Athens Pindar's Nemeans. Prooimia - a structural study Mary J. Yossi 2008/9
Trieschnigg, Caroline Radboud University Nijmegen Dances with Girls: The Identity of the Chorus in Aeschylus' Seven against Thebes André Lardinois June 2009
Uhlig, Anna S. Princeton University Pindar and Aeschylus Andrew Ford 2010
Vos, Mieke de Radboud University Nijmegen Nothing but love. Gender and canonization of women poets in ancient Greece (including Sappho, Korinna, Praxilla, Myrtis and Telesilla) André Lardinois 2012
Wilkinson, Claire University of Oxford A Commentary on Ibycus Gregory Hutchinson 2009
Zieba, Lucja Universität Basel Ritual, myth and imagery in the Odyssey Anton Bierl completed